Previous Publications

Prisoner 410-113 - Adelaide Literary Award Anthology 2019,

February 2019

Serial Senator - What is the Deal with the Alien Buddha?

A Comedy Anthology, May 2019

Movement - Adelaide Voices: Anthology 2018,

February 2018

Conversion - The Ramingo's Porch, February 2018

The Silence of the Night - Adelaide Literary Magazine,

September 2017

Selfie Schtick - The Broke Bohemian, April 2017


On the Beach - Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, November 2016


The Frog King - Heart and Mind Zine, November 2016 [Story no

longer available online]


The Three Cats - Heart and Mind Zine, March 2016 [Story no

longer available online]

Kids - ArLiJo [Issue 84], January 2016

The Ride Home - Door Is a Jar Magazine, September 2015 

[Issue Out of Print]

Gina and the Dolphin - Garden of the Goddesses Anthology,

April 2015


The Trail - Empty Sink Publishing, April 2015

The World of Wolves - Cactus Heart Press, March 2015

[Issue Out of Print]


Little Özil - Balloons Literary Journal, February 2015

Surrender - Reed Magazine [Volume 67], March 2014

First Time  -  Middle Gray, November 2013

Amigos - Blood Lotus, September 2013

The Widower - Gravel Magazine, August 2013

Dignitas - Straylight Magazine, March 2013 [Story no longer available online]

The Boy Who Became a Dog - Larks Fiction Magazine, June 2012

Exposure - Red Fez, May 2012

The Gator and the Ibis - Larks Fiction Magazine, March 2011


When They Leave - Fred Shaw Poetry Contest, 2009 [PDF File]


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Photo by Jack Akaffou

Photo by Christian Abraham

Photo by Christian Abraham