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The Changing Tide includes ten short stories and a novella.  The works represent several visions of a changing United States and feature characters who either embrace or reject the changes they experience. Issues addressed include immigration, racial and ethnic divisions, and sexual identity, among others. 

Some of the stories reach firm conclusions, while others end enigmatically—but all are intended to appeal to a reader’s sense of empathy without being maudlin or dogmatic. Of the eleven works in the collection, four have been published in literary journals, one has been published as a novella, and one is in the 2018 Adelaide Voices Literary Award Anthology.

The Changing Tide is published by Adelaide Books and is available for purchase on Amazon

Praise for The Changing Tide:

"With artistically unassuming prose and an astute focus on social issues, Lewis Beilman tackles difficult but important subjects in this powerful collection of stories. There's humor, dread, and hope in equal measure, and the simmering sensation that America is a country fraught with prejudice and conflict, but with the potential to be a much better place. Beilman tackles this reality with an unflinching eye for detail, brazen characterizations, and compellingly unnerving plots. Ultimately, The Changing Tide offers a necessary look at complex aspects of American life, as well as the people we often choose to ignore. This is undoubtedly a memorable read."
    Dariel Suarez, author of A Kind of Solitude


"With a balance between harsh, down-to-earth, stressful realities and the breeze of soft emotions, The Changing Tide is a perfect reflection of contemporary society painted with the colors of the fruits of the American Dream. Mesmerizing, mind-blowing, and remarkably spontaneous writing style – A highly recommended read for all short story lovers."
    Vatsala Radhakeesoon, author of Depth of the River


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